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Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters – More Information


Cats in shelter

Cats in a shelter

 What is an animal shelter?

An animal shelter (sometimes referred to as a dog pound) is a facility which houses animals. There a multiple reasons why an animal may be placed in an animal shelter, some of which include:

  • Homeless animals
  • Lost animals
  • Abandoned animals

Shelters typically house a variety of animals, mainly dogs and cats. However some shelters also take in birds, reptiles, and other animals.

The goal of an animal shelter is to contribute to the public health by keeping animals that otherwise will be free on the streets, usually in unsanitary conditions. They aim to provide a safe, loving and caring environment until the animal is either reclaimed by its owner, placed in a new home, placed with another organization for adoption or euthanized. Many shelters test animals before they are put up for adoption to determine if the animal is adoptable and, if so, what the appropriate home environment would be.


No Kill SheltersNo Kill Shelter

Unfortunately in some shelters, after a certain time frame animals are euthanized. This is where the “new” breed of shelters came in called no kill shelters. A “No Kill” shelter is an animal shelter that does not euthanize animals who can be adopted or when the shelter is full, reserving euthanasia solely for animals who are terminally ill or considered dangerous.


Services Offered

Typically animal shelters can include some services. These services are all provided at a fee (which varies based on the shelter). The services also vary from shelter to shelter. Here is a short list of services a shelter may be able to provide you and your pet:

  • Pet adoption package (usually includes the pet, and some other services for a fee)
  • Pet Licencing with tags
  • Animal pick up and drop off
  • Spay and neuter surgeries
  • Micro-chipping
  • and more.

It is best to check in advanced with the organization to see which type of services they can offer you.

How do I list my Animal Shelter?

If you are looking to get your animal shelter more exposure to the world. The best option is to post it on PetAdopt.ca. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Register and/or Login to your account.
  • Create A New Listing
  • Choose the category “Animal Shelters”
  • Fill out the contact details accordingly
  • We will respond to you with more information within 48 hours.


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