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Lost and Found Pets

Lost and Found Pets – More Information


Lost Pets

Lost and Found Pets

What are Lost and Found Pets?

Usually needing no introduction, the lost and found section is simply a place where you can:

  • Search our database for a missing or found animal
  • List a lost or missing pet
  • List an animal you have found

At PetAdopt.ca we want to see all missing pets reunited with their owners. That is why you can post your missing or found pets for free.


How can I search for my missing pet?

We urge everyone to first register to our site. Although it is not necessary to view the listings, it is to contact the person whom made the listing. After that you can browse for lost and found pets and even refine your search based on your province, city, address, and other factors to help you narrow down all the missing pets which have been listed in your area.

Simply browse the listings which match your search and look at the descriptions and photos associated with the listings. Once you find your missing pet you can contact the person whom listed it for further details. The great thing about the PetAdopt.ca lost and found section is that it works both ways. Not only can you post and search pets which have went missing from home, but if you found a pet you can make a listing for that.

We recommend everyone whom is missing their beloved pet to first search for all the “found” pets to see if yours comes up in the database first. Then proceed to list it as a missing pet.

And vice versa, if you have found a pet in your area. We recommend you first look at the missing pets in your area before posting your found pet listing.

This will ensure that all rightful owners can be reunited with their pets.


Lost and Found Dog

Woman is Reunited with her missing dog

How can I list a missing or found pet?

If you are searching for a missing pet, or you have found a pet in your community which you believe is missing. The best option is to post it on PetAdopt.ca. Just follow these easy steps:

  • Register and/or Login to your account.
  • Create A New Listing
  • Choose the category “Lost and Found”
  • Fill out the details accordingly
  • You can list free for (and re-list as long as you need). However we urge all pet owners looking to increase the possibility to be reunited with their loved animal to choose a slightly longer time frame as well as to feature your listing on our site to gain more exposure.
  • That’s it! You will receive a confirmation email to let you know your listing is up on our site.


Whether you’re looking to re-unite with a lost pet. Or posting a pet you found. PetAdopt.ca can help you. Browse our categories to find everything you need.


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